Cineplex Inc to sell an even pricier and more immersive 4D film

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TORONTO — Lights! Fog! Action!In what will make for an even pricier night out at the movies, Cineplex is launching a new tier of big-screen experience that includes films augmented by piped-in scents and environmental effects like wind, snow and bubbles.Those are just a few of the promises of so-called 4DX technology, which will hit a Toronto cinema this summer.‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ helps propel Cineplex to record Q4 resultsHow Montreal-based D-BOX Technologies’ seats are rumbling their way into more cinemasDesigned to make high-octane blockbusters even more appealing, special theatres will have traditional seats replaced with chairs that move in sync with the action. Environmental effects will be programmed to kick in at moments that complement the film.It’s the latest cutting-edge technology being adopted by Hollywood in hopes of keeping moviegoers buying tickets — but the experience comes at a richer price.While Cineplex hasn’t decided how much it will charge customers, it says 4DX will be the most expensive ticket on its menu, which means it will run upwards of $24.The company plans to open its first completely redesigned 4DX theatre at Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP in downtown Toronto.

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