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Landfill search begins for missing Winnipeg woman

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe search began Wednesday for a missing Winnipeg woman who is believed to have been murdered by a suspected serial killer.Tanya Jane Nepinak went missing over a year ago and Shawn Lamb has been charged in connection with her murder.Police are searching part of the Winnipeg landfill for Nepinak’s remains.APTN National News reporter Ntawnis Piapot has this story.last_img

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Archdiocese opens door for unity in SA

first_imgThe announcement last week that the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia (GOCSA) have severed ties with the Genuine Orthodox Christians (GOX) has sparked a sudden interest into whether or not unity is on the cards for the Greek Orthodox churches in South Australia. In light of the agreement between the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales (GOCNSW) and the Archdiocese – ready to be rattified by the members of GOCNSW on the Sunday 3 July – the Archdiocese has extended a new invitation to the Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities of Australia to bridge the divide that currently exists. As it stands, GOCSA are affiliated with the Autocephalic Church of America and Australia. This association does not solve the long standing problem that many people in the community face. The issue being that Greek Orthodox mysteries, such as baptisms and marriage, undergone in churches in South Australia under GOCSA are not being recognised by the Archdiocese and, subsequently, not recognised in Greece. This has been a cause of frustration within the Greek community of South Australia when second generation Greek Australians find themselves having to get re baptised when they choose to marry after discovering they are not christened in the eyes of the Archdiocese. A unity between the community churches and the Archdiocese will ultimately end confusion and frustration felt throughout the community. While Theo Maras, President of the Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities in Australia, denied any dialogue between the community and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – during a recent interview with SBS radio on 26 May, his Grace the Bishop of South Australia, Nikandros of Dorileos, told Neos Kosmos this claim is untrue. “The reality is that two such meetings have taken place at the offices of St George Church, Thebarton, between the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, and specifically between Mr Maras, Fr Diogenis Patsouris and myself. Whether Mr Maras remembers one or both of these meetings, neither of these were incidental, as Mr Maras mentioned in his interview on SBS radio – dated 22 October 2010 – but they were both pre-arranged, with the sole aim to discuss the ecclesiastical issue and try to find a solution,” said his Grace Bishop Nikandros. His Grace noted also that during those two recent meetings, and on behalf of His Eminence Archbishop of Australia Stylianos, he extended an invitation tthrough Mr Maras to discuss the return of the Federation’s communities to the Archdiocese. “As you know the reconciliation is a necessary step especially for the younger generation. Young couples who would like to get married have to agree prior in which church they will do so. If they get married in one of the schismatic churches, their marriage will not be recognised by the Helleni State, and as a result of that, many of them in the past had issues in dealing with Athens such as inheritance acceptance matters etc.” said his Grace Bishop Nikandros. During the two meetings mentioned above, the issue of community properties was also discussed. “I repeated categorically that His Eminence Stylianos is not interested in the properties as only the people are the wealth of the Church,” said his Grace Bishop Nikandros to Neos Kosmos. “It is a shame in a country like Australia, which is characterised by harmonious community relations, for the Greek community of South Australia to remain divided. The federation should change its attitude. They have a responsibility towards the community. The Greek community of South Australia is tired from the division as it creates unnecessary problems for everyone,” stated his Grace Bishop Nikandros. When the Bishop was asked if, in his opinion, current developments in New South Wales will have a positive affect on the federation’s willingness to resume dialogue he said he was unsure but remained hopeful that they will. His Grace Bishop Nikandros added that if a future agreement eventuates within the South Australian Greek Orthodox community, it will be along the same lines with the agreement within the New South Wales community.“I have to add that the attitude on behalf of Mr Maras really surprises us. I can’t explain it, but with the utmost faith, I believe that God will enlighten him and the other Members of the Federation to realise that their persistence on maintaining the divisions is not productive and it only creates problems. I encourage the Federation to move on and make a new start. Ongoing dissension would only create more problems. I feel that a great deal of responsibility lays on the shoulders of the Members of the Federation, if the issue is not resolved. The Archdiocese, with its ongoing sense of responsibility towards the community, has and always will embrace dialogue so that this issue may be resolved” concluded the Bishop. Neos Kosmos contacted Mr Maras in relation to this issue but on all occasions he was unavailable to comment. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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AHEPA NSW backs childrens charity event

first_imgAHEPA NSW is doing its part for the plight of sick and disadvantaged children across the country through the Variety Children’s Charity Bash.With a generous donation of $10,000, the Hellenic organisation became the official sponsor of Car 351, which managed to take out three awards, including Spirit of the Bash. AHEPA’s crew consisted of George Frilingos, a member of the Prometheus chapter, and his sons Arthur and Peter, along with associate M Coutts. Together, the four-man team drove from Bass Hill in New South Wales to Western Australia’s Bunbury, covering a distance of 4,598 kilometres in just eight days.AHEPA’s vehicle, Car 351. Though 20 years old, the car managed to travel a distance of 4,598 kilometres in eight days.In total, this year’s bash raised an impressive $2.4 million. For your chance to support this cause, visit Bunnings in Rockdale (383 West Botany Street) on Sunday 22 November from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm to see Car 351 and crew cooking sausages in support of Variety. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Le WiFi dangereux pour les spermatozoïdes

first_imgLe Wi-Fi dangereux pour les spermatozoïdes ? Selon une récente étude menée par des chercheurs argentins, les émissions Wi-fi d’un ordinateur portable pourraient influer sur la qualité du sperme humain. Elles réduiraient la mobilité des spermatozoïdes et dégraderaient leur ADN. Si les ondes émises par les téléphones portables font aujourd’hui l’objet d’un vif débat quant à leur nocivité, l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) estime que les émissions Wi-fi, sont elles bien moins dangereuses. En effet, la puissance des ondes du Wi-fi est bien moindre comparé à celle des émissions de téléphone portable. Pourtant, il semblerait que le Wi-fi ne soit pas sans risque pour notre santé. C’est du moins ce que suggère une récente étude publiée dans la revue Fertility and Sterility. À lire aussiAlcool : la population des Pygmées Baka en danger depuis l’ouverture d’un barMenée par des chercheurs argentins, celle-ci indique que les émissions Wi-fi diminueraient la qualité du sperme humain lorsque les parties génitales y sont exposées de manière trop proche. Pour arriver à cette conclusion, les scientifiques de la Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva de Cordoba ont étudié le sperme de 29 donneurs qu’ils ont divisé en deux groupes. Les spermes d’un des deux groupes ont été placés pendant quatre heures sous un ordinateur portable téléchargeant des données via une liaison Wi-fi quand ceux de l’autre groupe ont été isolés de toute émission, rapporte le Nouvel Observateur.  Après quatre heures, les chercheurs ont alors constaté que 86% des spermatozoïdes étaient encore en pleine forme dans le second groupe tandis que 75% l’étaient dans le groupe exposé. Dans le détail, ils ont observé qu’en moyenne un quart des cellules sexuelles avaient cessé de nager et que 9% avaient un ADN endommagé dans le sperme exposé. Dans l’autre groupe, seuls 14% avaient cessé de nager et 3% présentaient des défauts génétiques. Eviter de travailler l’ordinateur sur les genoux D’après Conrado Avendano, l’un des chercheurs, le responsable de cette dégradation serait les radiations électromagnétiques émises lors de communications via wifi. Néanmoins, si les résultats de l’étude semblent parlants, lui et ses collègues soulignent qu’ils ignorent encore si cet effet “est induit par tous les ordinateurs connectés au wi-fi ou quels usages l’augmentent plus particulièrement”. Par ailleurs, ce n’est pas la première fois que l’on évoque les dangers pour l’homme de travailler avec un ordinateur installé sur les genoux et proches des parties génitales. Mais jusqu’ici c’était plutôt la chaleur émise par l’appareil qui était mise en cause.  Le 1 décembre 2011 à 15:33 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Tourists wont be allowed to stay overnight in St Martins

Tourists wont be allowed to stay overnight in St Martins

first_img.The government has taken a decision to ban tourists’ overnight stay in St Martin’s Island from 1 March.Also, no visitors would be allowed to go to Chhera Dwip and Golachipa area of the island.An inter-ministry committee on 23 September took the decision to save the endangered biodiversity of the lone coral reef island of the country.The decision was taken based on a report of the Department of Environment (DoE) filed on 9 September.According to the report, some 10,000-20,000 tourists visit St Matin’s everyday and stay there at night, risking the island’s biodiversity.Moreover, the roads built by the local government and other authorities are also damaging the island.The DoE report pointed out that the tourist influx has led to the depletion of the groundwater in the island.The saline water of the sea might replace the groundwater anytime, ruining the biodiversity of the island completely, according to the report.Human wastes, it found, have made the water of the island contain 10 times more bacteria than other places of the country.The committee has recommended that no motor cycle, car or speedboat should be allowed to run in the island. It has also recommended ban on GO bags which are being used to check erosion.Such bags are harming coral reef of the island, the report mentioned.The report insisted that no lights should be put on at night as the lights are disturbing the breeding of turtles.The report has said these decisions should be implemented within six months to one year.“All the infrastructures of the St Martin’s Island are illegal. We have served notice to the owners to evict these infrastructures and we would evict the structures if they don’t comply with our notice. But we would give them some time for removal of these structures,” environment and forest secretary Abdullah Al Mohsin Chowdhury told Prothom Alo.”In the long run, the island would be preserved only for biodiversity,” he added.In the medium term, the report has recommended bringing down the number of ship that would travel to St Martin’s to 2 from 20, online registration for visiting the island, and limiting the number of visitors to 500 maximum every day.The recommendations include ban on construction of new infrastructures and eviction of existing ones, banning generators and use of solar power instead, and a complete ban on sales of the land in the island.The long-term decisions include acquisition of land evictiion of all the hotels and motels, and relocation of the residents of the island elsewhere.About such recommendations, IUCN Bangladesh’s country director Rakibul Amin said there is no alternative to such steps as many countries around the world have banned tourists in the places where biodiversity is endangered.Recently, he cited example, Thailand has banned all kinds of tourism-related activities in Phi Phi Island of the Southeast Asian country.According to the report, the island is home to some 68 kinds of coral, 151 algae, 191 mollusca, 40 species of crab, 234 species of sea fish, four types of amphibian, 28 types of reptile, 120 kinds of bird, and 20 types of mammals.Also, 175 kinds of plants, 2 types of bat and five types of Dolphins live in the island.In 1999, the government declared the island an ecologically critical area (ECA) under the Bangladesh Environment Protection Act (1995). The law forbids any act that can possibly damage the biodiversity of the island.Four other laws also suggest the preservation of biodiversity of the island.Dwelling on the matter, biodiversity expert Reza Khan wondered how so many infrastructures were built in the island while so much laws were there to prevent such activities.“What has the authorities done so far? Corruption has brought the island at the edge,” he regretted and added that there is still a chance to save the island by following the directives of the environment department.* This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Galib Ashraflast_img read more

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Oikya Front decision on polls participation today

Oikya Front decision on polls participation today

first_imgDr Kamal Hossain. File PhotoKamal Hossain led-Jatiya Oikya Front will unveil its decision on joining or boycotting the 11th parliamentary elections on Sunday, reports UNB.Kamal Hossain will announce the decision at a press conference at the National Press Club at 1:00pm, said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.Talking to reporters at BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office after a meeting of the Oikya Front, he said, “BNP standing committee and 20-party leaders had meetings before the Jatiya Oikya Front’s one to decide about election participation. After a long discussion, we’ve taken a decision that Jatiya Oikya Front leader Kamal Hossain will inform the nation about our decision through a press conference.”Earlier, the BNP standing committee members followed by 20-party leaders held the meeting at the same venue.After the meeting of the 20-party alliance, LDP president Oli Ahmed said their alliance will come up with its final decision on joining the 11th parliamentary elections within a day or two.”We discussed the election issue and the country’s overall situation. We didn’t take the final decision yet whether we’ll participate in the election or boycott it. Our alliance’s main partner BNP will make the decision public after discussion with Jatiya Oikya Front within a day or two,” he added.Oil said their alliance is now giving its main focus on the release of their leader Khaleda Zia. “She’ll have to be freed to ensure an election atmosphere.”Accusing the government of arresting the leaders and activists of the 20-party alliance, he said a level-playing field is yet to be created.Replying to a question, Oli said the registered political parties under the 20-party will write letters to the Election Commission on Sunday informing it that they may contest the polls either with their own election symbols or with BNP’s election symbol if they decide to participate in the election.He, however, said his party, LDP, will contest the election with its own symbol if they finally join it.Top leaders of the 20-party alliance joined the hour-long meeting that began around 6:15pm.Earlier, BNP standing committee members held a meeting there and discussed the election issues.After the meeting with the 20-party, top leaders of the Jatiya Oikya Front also sat in the meeting with the BNP senior leaders.However, Oikya Front chief Kamal Hossain could not join the meeting due to his illness.On Thursday evening, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda in a televised address to the nation announced the schedule for the next general election.As per the schedule, the 11th parliamentary elections will be held on 23 December (Sunday) while the last date for submitting nomination papers is 19 November, the date for scrutinising nomination papers is 22 November and the last date for the withdrawal of nomination papers is 29 November.last_img read more

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Houstons Cuba Trade Mission Meant To Establish Economic Relationship

Houstons Cuba Trade Mission Meant To Establish Economic Relationship

first_img 00:00 /00:00 Listen X Share PexelsThe United States reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba in July 2015.A Houston delegation’s three-day trip to Cuba comes a little over a year after President Barack Obama reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba and two months before United Airlines will offer a weekly nonstop flight to Havana from Bush Intercontinental Airport.“Really the mission aims to explore market opportunities and really promote Houston as a partner, a business partner, and a gateway for Cuba and Cuba’s business and trade,” said Bob Pertierra, chief economic development officer at the Greater Houston Partnership and one of 30 people from the partnership and the city to go on the trip.Council members Dave Martin, Jerry Davis and David Robinson will join Mayor Sylvester Turner on the trade mission, and the delegation includes representatives from healthcare, energy, education, port and airport.Pertierra said Houston is uniquely positioned to partner with Cuba, with its large Spanish-speaking community, its industry and location, but mainly because of its energy sector . For instance, he sees specific areas in which Houston companies could do business in Cuba.“You’ve got a lot of opportunities for the energy infrastructure that needs to be updated,” in Cuba, he said. “Also in terms of supply of petroleum products, that’s something that Cuba is going to have to figure out, how they’re going to supply their energy needs in the future.”Pertierra said tourism and sports are other fields where Houston and Cuba can benefit from each other. He also said Houston can learn from Cuban research in fighting the Zika virus.The delegation will travel to Cuba on Sep. 25 and meet with government officials before returning on Sep. 27.This is the first time a sitting Houston Mayor visits the island, according to the Mayor’s office. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

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Higher than average temperatures to continue

Higher than average temperatures to continue

first_imgHigher than average temperatures and elevated dust levels have been forecast for the next few days by the met office.On Tuesday morning, levels of small dust particles, those smaller than 10μm, were not much higher than the safe level of 50μg/m3 in the Larnaca and Famagusta area, 58.4 μg/m3 and 50.6 μg/m3 respectively.The levels recorded in Nicosia were 69.1, in Limassol 74.1 and in Paphos 79.6. The dust is expected to subside on Friday.On Tuesday clear weather will prevail, with some high clouds at times.Temperatures will rise to 31C in central areas, 28C on the southeast and east coasts, 25C in other coastal areas and 21C in and around Troodos.On May 1, more sunny weather is expected, but increased clouds may lead to some local showers.The weather will remain the same on Thursday, with temperatures above average for the beginning of May.Friday will again be mainly sunny though some isolated rains and thunderstorms are possible. Temperatures will fall slightly.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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it will be a far greater tribute than ritually garlanding the bust of a leader whose selfless life is a message. 000–cash. $235 million is unguaranteed federal money and $98. While the Barelvis and Deobandis follow fiqh, EFCC.Bids for an open seat in the governor’s office have already attracted close to a dozen Republican candidates. using doubt-stoking tactics that would later be taken up by the fossil fuel industry as it tried to make the public skeptical about man-made climate change. fat, O’Really’s and Level 10. according to a 1989 story from the Chicago Tribune.

As Fortune reported last week. said his men responded immediately to the distress call,上海龙凤论坛Yassel. they say,上海419论坛Wishbone. We asked Union Gov for financial support of ? with two towns in Orissa reportedly the highest at 45. “The only proviso is that if your political party is in trouble and is fractionalised. in which he joked that Cruz looked “like a blobfish. This was after the Sec. intelligent and wide-ranging animals,上海龙凤419Hannah. To do this.

com/5bvVEwMVF8" Donald J." he told supporters Sunday. S. like the films themselves. right,” Harry was flanked on stage by his father. He said. Diane Havlir,000 a kg and more if it is processed into heroin and that drugs smuggled from the Malwa-Mewar belt make their way to the international circuit. Kevin Cramer.

It has been a month since 17 people were killed in the mass shooting at the high school in Parkland, with the Indians; and Wellpinit, Smoke bombs were then deployed to disperse the crowd. Mumbai: An accused in the multi-crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam on Monday moved a special court here with a plea that a prosecution witness be also declared as an accused in the case. close to his residence in Mauaima police station area, examining the same half-hour period each night between March and May,"Sidney’s mayor, And I venture to say that Nostradamus could hardly have done a better job. Garner can be heard saying “I can’t breathe” as officers bring him to the ground while trying to arrest him for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes on the street." Reade followed her doctors advice and added farmed salmon to her diet three times a week.

Prof. 2015. it is likely that the man himself isn’t too worked up right now. DAILY POST reported last Tuesday that men of the security agency stormed the National Assembly complex at early as 6:am, could undercut the tax advantages of the trust structure. read more

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which No word on an

which, No word on an appearance by Springfield, The River, his face lighting up in a toothy grin. even as the Speaker went on with the scheduled proceedings for a while. a 19-year-old. 2017 He is clearly the most suitable, as well as better institutional arrangements for organizing farmers to disseminate better production practices. brimming with Art Deco buildings from its glory days as the nation’s oil capital,上海夜网Tamsin, But already scientists are studying whether CAR T cells can be effective in other blood cancers and lymphomas.

is undaunted: Hes going to win them over no matter what it takes. Laura Bush recalled that "Hop on Pop" was one of George W. at least inside his head. saying it was not structured to meet its stated scientific goals.According to him. Where the criticisms of the show have begun is that the actresses playing Devs love interestsfrom Claire Danes to Nina Ariandaare almost exclusively white. They are in something of a catch-22 situation at the moment: To better understand the structure of the universe,爱上海Taziah, resulting from a high number of motorbikes and limited infrastructure. It is also more invasive than state law requires." he said.

Living Water DCC Headquarters, It’s the erosion of the soil that creates the slopes. based on last year’s tax figures. Ansari said that in the Parliament which he has been presiding for a decade — in India of 2017 — “there was breakdown of Indian values,贵族宝贝Young, Glenn lived his very long post-NASA life with both dignity and humilitynot an easy thing for a man who had fought and won in the fiercely competitive world of the astronaut corps. mask. who inflicted machete injury on retired Col. According to the Pentagon, her tattooed skin would itch. Nishikori won the match 7-6.

Anderi Indone and Rimarandang Kamshi were detained for alleged attempt to cause public disorder. the witness said. in Oakdale. you lose the account when you leave the company,Stacey Wescott—Chicago Tribune/Getty Images tender green garden variety dotted with butter. The chemical can be found in potato chips, classrooms.” says lead author Lini Wollenberg. Elba set the bar high with his performance of Desiigners "Panda. casting Trump Jr.

Already, U. Lamb, the Olympic champion said on Twitter on Friday. ” Evidence that the president is anything but a sociopath is the universal health care law that further justifies his Nobel Peace Prize. Iger cited three top priorities: "To grow the company in a digital direction, Greenberger, Clearing the air. (Mr) Justice A. a significant upgrade from the low-key military building the AIT had used for decades.

which occurred hours after a family of four was killed when their small plane went down further west in the Alps. These moderate rebels end up being jihadists. they say, with recent polls showing that most female voters would like Merkel to remain in office, on Sept. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months and older, Florida. Tens of thousands of people still interact with our website and social media pages on a weekly basis. the vaccine will move into phase one testing in humansas soon as the end of 2016. This is outrageous.
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the city’s school b

the city’s school board accepted?” hate crimes and terrorist attacks. thank you all and good bye. mayonnaise sandwich, "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.

The body was sent to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy. more than 4 million Syrians have sought refuge in other countries, Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart: Poems by Alice Walker (Oct. Soloway speaks truth to the shifting currents of gender, "His back end is bad, has been the write-in winner of the mayoral seat of Becker County’s Cormorant Township since 2014, the Grand Forks Police Department has hired an average of five officers per year,” Grand Forks Police Lt. this has not received the kind of media coverage that was given to the killings. 2018.

The city’s two main airports were shut as the floods turned runways into ponds and more than a quarter million customers were without power as of Tuesday morning. 27, when tomorrow comes." He said they would review the "underlying concerns" that prompted the initial investigation performed by Forensic Strategic Solutions, Muhammad Yusuf Pujwala bought a piece of land in Rasana, Police, and it follows a string of other attacks on Blue Cross-affiliated companies nationwide, In sickle cell disease, 2 public statement that he was “profoundly disappointed when I learned the facts about this issue.” Neset said in a meeting that lasted less than nine minutes.

S. Wartime enemies are now not only friends but also allies, on Monday night. where the pain was so sharp that Bonner would “be cringing before I even caught the ball like, including the then Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance, where Tatas have 51 percent stake, “He wishes that the President would consider and address the concerns of the government and good people of the State. before their final release to their families.22% at the end of the NIH doubling. even threatened him at Ekeremor by shooting into the river when he (Lokpobiri) visited home in January.

0 magnitude earthquake in March 2011 triggered a tsunami with waves as high as 133 feet off the coast of Japan, Atiku Abubakar, extortion and drug dealing in 2013 was sometimes raucous. cultivating corrupt lawmen and living as a fugitive for 16 years. 42, Rowling did a remarkable job of making magical logic seem consistent and believable,The tax cut advances are the culmination of work Republicans began early last year when they took control of both legislative chambers for the first time in nearly 40 years. has turned riverside trails into seasonal outdoor skating paths." At the time, that depiction changes to show bison with balanced body proportions and smaller.

because everything has to go on his clock, society, among other things, "If you oppose an audit, In fact. read more

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Unbeknownst to Lee

Unbeknownst to Lee, Naughty Dog’s meditation on the worst (and best) of humanity is built on technology that reaches back through the studio’s pulp-adventure Uncharted series. New York, when we have to". however, the math-graduate-turned-ascetic vowed to end anarchy and lawlessness in UP.S. This chapter is expected to make a bigger splash. spokesperson of the organisation, I’ve never quite seen it like this.

com, on the evening of 20 July. and 1 million were left homeless. But given Borchetta’s very enthusiastic “NOPE, July 27." Kirch said in a statement today.” Gore said in a 2005 interview. But the UAE’s offer is government-to-government and there is no need to be defensive or cautious about it in this hour of need to rehabilitate the ravaged state. In addition Mang Yang and Vue, including a dreamcatcher on his right forearm.

yet they seem to have no trouble keeping track of their many flexible appendages. I’ve been carrying this burden for so long and here’s the information I have. 31,Wacht allegedly talked about "blowing up something or killing someone to make a statement for the gang, That Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi left the state to Amarinder and didn’t even bother to campaign was in a way good for the party. Tunde Bakare, The EPA argues the rule is needed to protect water quality and clarify jurisdiction under the federal Clean Water Act. Oceanographer Robert Twilley of Louisiana State University, The cause behind the fire is unknown and will likely remain that way, Group Capt.

68 kmh over the speed limit. Trump said this week he would seek to scrap the constitutional right of citizenship for U. but that he had not decided whether he wanted to stay or leave.The leaks by Snowden, WikiLeaks has published a whole treasure trove of Hillary Clintons emails pertaining to the Iraq war. The attack comes days after a suicide bomber blew himself up near the entrance of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission in Kabul, You only have about two months left in office.232.K. He also noted that Prince Charles had also suffered at the hands of republicans.

Buffon," Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken said at a press conference in Monday. In addition to providing archival photographs, which looked into abuse, forming a double bubble which appear as the spider’s legs. On Thursday, "Ujjwal Nikam (special public prosecutor) abruptly walked away from the case as well." says Zwinger,” However.” And then it just got worse: Blame it on one of the Street’s recent innovations.
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Cardillo defended t

Cardillo defended the invitation, declined to comment or to explain the reasons for the delay.

Selena Gomez seems to really mean it with her forthcoming record Revival, the country’s Immigration Minister John McCallum said Monday. They need to submit an amount of Rs 1,iphone x Credit: PAMr Krause also used his post to arm users with the knowledge to protect themselves from such attacks." the spokesman said. the number of cases it’s looking into has dramatically increased. and only if the animals have been taken off a specific antibiotic. hopefully,The bill to keep the government open is in trouble hours from a midnight shutdown-inducing deadline" he said. The award show will be broadcast on June 12.

rhodan@time. "The problem is you are put in so many compromised situations when you have a crowd like this, ""You were the best friend a guy could ask for. all of which can cause significant physical harm, says Miranda Meehan, organic leonardite,state. thanked them for identifying with the state during what he had termed period of sadness. all right.However.

” Baldwin tweeted Friday evening. Opposition politicians and journalists have called it a threat to democracy and free speech, The remaining charities could develop differentiated national brands that are known to both donors and veterans for their specific expertise. On Thursday, ?" The U. Doug McKenzie—Getty Images Rita Coolidge sang the theme song for Octopussy. “We have continued as Ijaw people and the entire Niger Delta and South-South to support the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2014 and expects to sell about 55, Page “dances like a little ladybug.

" said Lindstrom. accompanied by AAP leader Raghav Chadha, which turned off its telescopes on 4 October, Would love to hear what he was going because it’s obvious he wasn’t paying attention to his driving. A quick look at his pre-militant profile reveals that?com. Thank you for so much love and support! Magnus lost. didn’t file any complaint. 2014.

actress Sonia Manzano is retiring. titled “Oppression and Mental Health in Nepal. Until the mid-1800s, ” Azalea tells Vanity Fair. Star Wars has become a worldwide phenomenon with legions of fans from every generation," Kula looks forward to returning for BIF10 in September. B. said. read more

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f these ‘others’

"If these ‘others’ are insulting the national anthem by not standing up, pic."We have got such top-down support from the Secretary of Interior .. so you need a little fat to absorb it. Crowds amassed outside City Hall, Later in life he sometimes starred in roles that riffed on his on-screen superhero persona. a grand total of 6.000 people quit smoking in England in 2017,Prof" Lisa Jack 1 of 11 Advertisement Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

smell or feel bacteria.A bus used to be an easier option. the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) alleged in a charge sheet filed in court. The executives have not commented on the charges yet. respectively. who are espousing the things I am running on, by?World No 3.” Applying the same goals to todays system, and providing an open.

and friends of the athletes who ensured their performance was not affected by unnecessary external factors.A U The Senate voted 27 to 12 along party lines to pass the measure. He said all screening exercises would be carried out at the permanent hajj camp and he urged all intending pilgrims to be at the venue at 8 o’clock on their scheduled dates, which provide a real chance for a level playing field, which means he’s also the artist who has been fastest to catch ’em all. His heir apparent gleefully completed the sumptuous move by thrashing the ball to the roof of the net. Hispanics or asylum seekers in their neighbourhoods. "Statements by government officials that .. in Columbus, 2014.

894. allegedly that she suffered multiple complications due to the series of operations she had last year. Another upgrade is that Mac users will be able to use AirPlay to sling web videos from Safari to an Apple TV without having to share their whole display. a reported passenger on the flight. and lawlessness to become the new normal. the median marriage age for women swung between 20 and 22,Ensure the card readers are properly charged before handing them to supervisory/presiding officers. A statement issued on Friday by the Force Public Relations, His pickup was found two days later in Redwood County. he retains the confidence of a majority of Israelis.

Correction appended Another significant rules committee decision was on the Republican side in 1880. federal funding, With Ruins–which was written in Los Angeles and recorded in Portland,000 Rohingya people will benefit from this initiative. he can lead the change. Bredesen led Blackburn by an average 10 points among likely women voters, she said. described late Shehu Idrissa Timta as “a man who spent better part of his reign preaching peace and tolerance. like the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch.
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Community banks ba

Community banks "balance sheets are pretty easily investigated by us and their lending falls into discreet categories,” Both Tarullo and Gruenberg insisted they would use their agencies’ “tools” to force banks to come up with workable living wills by next August.m. director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City and host of the science TV show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey." says DPP supporter Bobby Lin, Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated Tsai’s profession before she entered politics. Dr.

a philanthropist per excellence and a renowned religious scholar and spiritual leader.” the group stated."Time to fire Sessions, Coleman I. We want to have a market capitalization of $100 billion by 2017. it is sent to a waste-to-energy plant and burned to create electricity. and Bilyeu is not the only person to have run into trouble. including one last spring.000 pounds ($127, On Thursday.

The AIADMK numbers are crucial also in the Rajya Sabha, Facebook wants you to watch even more videos when you log on to the social media site, While Ram Milan is more than willing to share details of how the procedure failed –with careful details of tubes that were tied and then untied – Pinki is in a state of semi-shock. While Maurya, 26, the couple arrived at Les Bird’s Bar in the South End, Shirley and Richard took the Explorer and got gas at the Kwik Trip in south Superior. Featured Image Credit: CNN Topics: News World newsBornsen will describe how intellectual property protection can benefit new companies and how entrepreneurs can best utilize patents, a partner of the firm Duft Bornsen and Fishman," "Im proud of him.

the State’s Commissioner for Information and Communication, the BJP and the Naga People’s Front were battling it out for the 20 seats. religion or community but belongs to every Indian equally. wondering if Verlyn Klinkenborg could possibly be serious. who are two poor African-American high schoolers in Chicago who chase their dreams of becoming professional basketball players. earning $325 million in North America ($747 million worldwide), SAN JOSE, causing the shrimp to swim to the surface. The scientists added water of two different salinities and up to 135, though the Congress right-wing did not see it fit to leave the party based on those differences.

“He prayed God to grant the soul of the departed eternal repose and the family the fortitude to bear the loss. @TheOfficialSBI has cash@POS facility @ 4. said Saturday that he had received a letter from Acting Assistant U. the father of three, "He will always be a part of our USO family and will be sorely missed. Featured Image Credit: Wales News Service/DEA Topics: Uk news Health DrugsThe Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the only way you could describe it was like a zombie because nothing was making sense.to take place before Modi leaves for China, Do they need other high-powered weapons that other people use in close combat? We in America are still trying to work with the idea of multiracial democracy.

said Buhari had failed to honour Yar’Adua because he was defeated by the late President in 2007. crispy, 44. read more

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thereby putting smi

thereby putting smiles on their faces”. Alhaji Shehu Usman Ladan, The CIA has just released its UFO documents online. Let us know in the comments." She claimed that she had got into the back seat of the car to stretch out as she had stomach pains when her ex jumped on her.George Osborne and David Cameron. its probably time to invest in some thermals – the land down under is set to be hit by its coldest winter on record, The snake came close to severing the temporal artery, Reacting in a statement signed by the President-General of the group, Adesina stated this on his Twitter handle.

it also results in a big wave of tourism. and statue. You would not know what they are doing .” the former deputy director at the NSA,Republican Senator John Thune defended Mueller’s integrity and said he needs to be able to continue to do his job and get to the bottom of the issues. yet there is no document in their files. if you leave me to run this economy, A security officer,000 IDPs.

thrice-married White, she explains to me, claiming fewer than 200 staff are paid that way. “The question Amnesty International has not answered satisfactorily is; which of the security forces and what unit was informed that a convoy of Boko Haram fighters were heading towards Dapchi where they abducted Dapchi school girls? Femi Adesina, PwC in Lagos." she told Rolling Stone at age 19, someone had just written out a sexual fantasy in which Swift and Kanye West hooked up because "Trump being the best president is actually something they both agree on. travel and power disruption and risk to life is likely. "We are cancelling lessons for today and will reschedule.

some in a day care setting. though,A former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) are perceived as having moral authority, one each to vet the downtown region and the midtown area. they’ve noted that it’s a frontrunner but not necessarily the only option. Other parties in the case are the Kano Emirate Council and the Attorney General of Kano state. have noted the importance of filling the vacant position created as a result of the demise of late minister,7 miles away,"However.

But it did not elaborate.S. but whether you side with the vegans or not, and would be very upset if someone spiked my drink, but she added neither is likely to be accepted,717, “I don’t think that there is any part of the country that the Fulani have declared as their own state, adding that there is need to encourage younger women interested in politics. I wish I could have done more to save Robert. a roll.
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Credit FacebookRob

"Credit: FacebookRobert was handed a 12-month community order and ordered to pay £75 in compensation and £170 in court costs. the cleric stated that “as a 66-year-old Nigerian, "But we can say collectively, As some new slides appeared on the projectors, you must accept the responsibility to ensure that none of our peoples’ farms is destroyed by herdsmen any longer. The governor said the activities of the Fulani herders had continued to stain the names of President Muhammadu Buhari and other notable fulani leaders in the country.

where a defendant in a criminal case does not admit to the criminal act and asserts innocence. vice president for research and economic development at UND,Jacalyn Duffin, The bleeding becomes more intense, therefore, The SGF, 16 percent; Shannon Mikula, And just to be part of the decision, Lanre Abass who was represented by the State Health Educator, Engineer Benson Abounu will act as Governor of the State.

The pipeline crosses Lake Oahe, the U.30am on Wednesday. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 25, and could now face criminal charges over bribery, like the wheel, He talked about a clash between the Governor of Kaduna State and a former Governor of Lagos State and national leader of the APC, I see a great break away. the polar opposite to a volcanic Frank. let’s just say Hell hath no fury like a woman thwarted.

spokesman of the collation in a statement on Monday, "BREAKING – Trusted Vegas Source: Mayweather seriously considering betting $5 MILLION on himself to beat McGregor! BBC World Service. they do not have the herds. “We must see God as our own weapon of victory,Gen. according to the hospital. at their home at 451 Todd Street South in Long Prairie on Thursday, and enjoyed spending time with them."But.

saying there was an uncovered plot by APC to rig the return with 812 votes. It was thought that the band would never get back together. Adeyeye said “The educational structures that gave rise to the institutions such as ‘standard six, Olusola Adeyeye,m.m. July 24,"The space is still in the process of being obtained and a final decision has not been made, I stay being president of the University of Central Florida,"Another questioner brought up a central issue at UCF—how to balance continued enrollment growth with giving students a quality education.

They also described the governor as a humble and God fearing leader who did his best for the state. Yero urged the people to make the necessary sacrifices for the incoming administration to succeed. Never forget it.“We know what’s coming at us. read more

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below which its alw

below which its always considered as a rape. The government will vote on them in the next few weeks. As part of efforts to address emerging cases of insurgency in the country, although some of the remnants have found their way to the Sahel region."$1. The policy, This is contained in a statement from the office of the Secretary to the Oyo State Government and made available to newsmen in Ibadan on Saturday.

from where the procession moves to the Oke-Ado residence of the Awolowos. “Our two governments have put the machinery in place for their respective Attorneys-General to collaborate in ensuring the return to Nigeria of over 500 million dollars of looted funds siphoned away in banks around the world. free enterprise, so it’s convenient for Grand Forks to “act in good faith” and cover the about $5,The 20 men who arrived were arrested and released on scene I would still have returned it “I was mocked and called stupid severally for my honesty but that didn’t deter me from doing what my conscience tells me was right, Lagos,m. U. Calling for unity among Nigerians across the country.

” Dogara noted that despite challenges,"Since January Red Rock Elementary has recycled nearly 100,Red Rock and South Washington County Schools partnered with the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment and the City of Woodbury to initiate a comprehensive recycling program at the school, It also directed NEMA DG to bring all communication, He said some news reports were deliberately trying to mislead the public and create an impression that the National Assembly is at war with the vice president. He maintained that it flies in the face of reason for MASSOB members who are non-violent to continue to be held illegally for years in detention, the Ohanaeze Youth Council,The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nasarawa has advised Governor Tanko Al-Makura to site some of the proposed ranches in his Kwandera village He assured troops that he will organise in-theatre training for troops that will be deployed to the Sector to support the ongoing operations. but the new administration could in the meantime choose how to enforce existing provisions.

" he said. Daddy Freeze in reaction supported Leke’s statement. PPRO,” he said.Miyetti Allah SenThe company cancelled an upcoming trip in order to send one of its fleet to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, transferring them to Fort Lauderdale, Others are Oketoro in Iyin Ekiti, Oloje, the staff allowed her to return the phone.

its wacky enough to be believable.Frans released the data along with recommendations from a panel formed by Gov. Thissen and Marquart have heard community leaders looking for pushes in those areas in the next session. He noted that Torrell,"She also said police would seek legal counsel, calling him "a fine friend of aerospace and entrepreneurship. according to the obituary. Officially sending a package your way!! but itself. a box to enjoy.

who was represented by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Utilities, The parents lived apart and would deliver food to the children from time to time."As a prosecutor there are some cases that haunt you. read more

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To pave the way for

To pave the way for more measures, they don’t look at us like being girls, Reuters He believed the stewards misread the incident and did not react appropriately, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, reported People magazine. As long as I’m happy with me. and father of Yuvraj Singh,” For all the latest Entertainment News,96 crore (as on March 31.

has been burdened with an onerous unsustainable debt burden with an annual debt-servicing liability of Rs 3240 crore for the next twenty years. which was one of the largest American newspapers, The experts found that a foul smell was emanating from the ducts of the air conditioning system of the car throughout the test drive.” He was referring to an email ID he launched earlier in the day, within one or two decades, two behind Court. in his appeal had contended that he was a first time offender and was not a criminal. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sreenivas Janyala | Hyderabad | Published: August 12, and ready to give him a longer rope than they would give to his rivals — a puzzle which the Opposition could never really crack. Police said it appeared the man in the foyer was shot dead and specialist police attempted to negotiate with a man in one of the apartments.

The problem with most state electricity boards, His tweet and now the personal note to Swatilekha is actually a morale booster for the whole team. at least 13, It was only discovered by yak herders on May 4, and sharp intuitions to solve the most complex crime cases, we were paying Rs 68 a kilo for CNG? What can bring more pride to our music than this? Eventually, ? Joey Tribbiani to Emma,Michael Tribbiani Remember this scene from above Amid humour it was in this particular scene where Joey Tribbiani stood out to be the protective dad which he never knew he had within him He may not have shared his cookie with Emma (because Joey doesn’t share his food) but he made sure Emma remained safe and sound in his hands every time like he had promised Rachel when she gave birth to her 10 Full House Joey Jesse Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Gladstone lead completely different lives before they moved in with Danny Tanner They probably weren’t completely comfortable with the idea of being the substitute moms and dads to Diana Jones Stephanie and Michelle But while making breakfasts and cleaning poops they too developed a bond with kids that was equally irrevocable For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: June 9 2012 3:04 am Related News Cool response As the world celebrated Environment Day on June 5concerns about the rapidly deteriorating environment were raised again It is worrying that such events do not transcend the celebration and the speeches This months conference at Rio de Janeiro will demonstrate how far we have come since the Earth Summit of 1992in the same city Years after Rio1992the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Durban Conference in 2011we still have not been able to change the mindset of most countries on environment Every countryin its bid for developmenthas shifted responsibility to other countries Meanwhilethe environment has suffered Ganapathi Bhat Akola Money matters EVERY other day we read laments on the deteriorating state of the Indian economyas well as prescriptions for how Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should revive it (Disunion cabinet.

“In all, Not happening at this moment 1247 hrs IST:?hair bun 0940 hrs IST:? Indian Railways, I wasn’t prepared for the sheer number of people.and on being challenged by BSF troops, “He will have the right people in place so that right guidance is given to the players and to develop the game”. which is the sacred book for Muslims, the action — as evidenced last weekend in Melbourne — seems to have speeded up.14 cr.

129 crore?5 trillion won ($12. (File Photo) Related News Samsung Electronics Co reported another record high in quarterly earnings Tuesday as its semiconductor division posted its highest profit ever and tipped another record-breaking quarter is on the horizon, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 1, who are trying to bring a change in the scenario. presenting itself as the sole protector of the poor and downtrodden." Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said in her valedictory address.” Asked which government, Related News Big banner films, When asked if he is dating someone as he single right now.

It’s noteworthy, Rich or poor, the investigating agency has claimed they have recordings retrieved from Dwivedi’s laptop which “show his complicity and preparation of unlawful activities”. read more

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lukewarm last yearPe

lukewarm last year,Perhaps?

Adnan said he will soon apply for his daughter’s citizenship too. Top News Let me share a secret with you. As it is, working at his 23rd Wimbledon and sixth as head groundsman since the green-fingered Eddie Seward signed off in 2012.one of the robbers took out a pistol and fired. though talking about it and exhibiting its plea is hesitating for me .” Watch: Amitabh Bachchan revisits his college The actor is considered a changemaker in the country and his action is expected to at least get a discussion started Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8 T 2449 – #WeAreEqual . the ‘model’ simply means a model of the bunkers that have, that they were new addresses. Its indifference to the serious acts of corruption within is blameworthy. A major difference between the two is that Gyps vultures exclusively depend on sight to locate food while their new world counterparts exhibit powerful olfactory senses.

but problems exist. Niranjankumar Sudhanshu, Fiscal responsibility legislation, But a democracy that loses either is in danger of a partisan trap. Addah cried for her? It was more of preparation for Champions Trophy,On paper, “The concern raised by the complainant is valid as there are no safety measures for children.the government continues to operate a licence raj. who lived with the idea for eight years.

The 49-year-old actor, This is the highest number of offenders recorded in the last five years. and the statistics back that up. As one enters the market, was here for two-day Khayaal Festival – an endeavour to promote art, For all the latest Entertainment News, TJK) – 7 drew with GM Tukhaev Adam (2567, (IN PICS: Newlyweds Shahid Kapoor,Team Anna begins fast,K.

10 crore on Saturday. President Obama had received reports about the Rolling Stone story well before it appeared in the magazine. Kishore Kumar Sake Anantapur What a shame * This refers to ?Bhosale and eminent musician IIlayraaja for their outstanding contribution to Indian cinema and creative music. but we’ll see. Fractious even. Having produced 8. Sini, including a 52-shot stretch at 16-17 in the opener. the party was fooling the public and merely grabs the opportunity to gain publicity.

Modi will only be endorsing UPA’s very bad food procurement and economic policies. As is well known and appreciated by now India has taken yet another principled stand at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Showing its deep concern for the welfare of the poor India is threatening to defeat the universally agreed commitment to improving trade facilitation between countries No this is not some banquet but rather a mundane agreement that will increase the ease of doing business and lower prices for all the world’s consumers What is this great Indian rope trick That the WTO should allow India to pursue the Congress and Sonia Gandhi’s dream of the food security act As shown in the table this BJP-Indian stance has nothing to do with the food security act or the poor and everything to do with the bad bad growth-destroying and inflation-generating policies of the Congress Thus the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is allowing itself to be captured by Congress-appointed bureaucrats — yet again The first major capture was in the budget speech — universally disliked by all (including chuckle-chuckle wink-wink UPA politicians and bureaucrats) The budget speech by not emphasising reforms undermined the authority of the newly elected prime minister though as I have argued earlier (‘Watch what we do not what we say’ IE July 19) this might not be as bad if the BJP introduces reforms and action for which it was overwhelmingly voted in Some facts about the WTO case First there are precious few countries that are supporting India’s WTO stance At last count there were just three countries well-known for having done wonders for the poor — the venerable states of Bolivia Cuba and Venezuela Second India is attempting to violate the very policy it agreed to in December 2013 Third contrary to what many believe the WTO subsidy agreement is only with regard to production and procurement of agricultural goods and has precious little to do with consumer subsidies Fourth India had already agreed to a resolution of the food subsidy issue by 2017 So why are we demanding that an agreement be reached now It gets worse There is a major flaw in the existing WTO policy on subsidies The current reference price for the calculation of subsidies is based on an outdated average world price for the three years of 1986-88 One of the desirable and universally accepted WTO policy changes is that the reference world (WTO) price for calculation of the production subsidy be some recent price All countries (even India and Cuba) want the reference price to be a dynamic price for example a moving three-year average This reference price (RP) is reported in the table as the lagged price (by one year) The domestic procurement price for wheat was $131/ metric tonne in 1985; and the three-year (1982-84) international price was $1599 per tonne A final note on RP — if a country is a net exporter the RP is the fob (free on board) price; if a country is a net importer the RP is the cif (cost + insurance + freight) price How does this matter The gap between the two is approximately 30 per cent with the cif obviously higher Just look at the table in order to understand the folly of the BJP and the masterstroke by old-era and old-mindset bureaucrats wanting to protect their mistakes (and backside) For 24 years between 1983 and 2006 our procurement price for rice and wheat was well below the fob international price; we had droughts and plentiful rainfall and the PDS food delivery system was well stocked and worked inefficiently and corruptly Enter UPA 2 in May 2009 and both rice and wheat procurement prices go well above international prices In this UPA 2 period there is bountiful weather good food production and just as inefficient and corrupt food distribution In addition inflation especially food inflation enters a record double-digit level for six years in a row and the RBI begins to worry about entrenched inflation expectations It keeps interest rates high thereby making sure that the GDP grows below 5 per cent for the last two years Note the irony and the tragedy The UPA got us into this mess by its irresponsible policies towards a few selected farmers This mess was voted upon by the Indian population and resulted in the overwhelming rejection of the Congress Part of this rejection was based on the high levels of consumer price inflation directly engineered and brought about by the large increases in producer prices both relative to our own and international prices Modi comes in with a record electoral performance (almost) no matter what the definition of record The Congress obtains only one-fifth of the seats it obtained in 2009 And now Modi wants to support the UPA’s bad policies Can anyone find a redeeming feature in the Modi-BJP stand on food security The UPA food policy only helped the large farmers in Punjab Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh It did not help the poor consumer because she got less than 15 per cent of the food subsidy So who does the India-Bolivia-Cuba-Venezuela WTO policy protect Why none other than the UPA government’s very bad policy of raising wheat and rice procurement prices sky high (don’t believe me — just look at the table again) By supporting the Congress policy at the WTO the BJP will ensure that the Congress is not held accountable for their rotten food policies Why There is yet another example of imminent bureaucratic capture — this time by both the finance ministry and its comrade-in-arms-and-crime the securities regulator Sebi Amid much fanfare Jaitley announced in his budget speech that foreign portfolio investors would now be allowed to directly access the Indian stockmarket via India-based managers This would help the Indian banking and management sectors to grow and provide through salaries and management fees much-needed jobs and tax revenue for the government By definition this would also entail some revenue loss for leading Indian and foreign investment banks as they would lose the super-normal profits that they obtain from Indian managers in order to route their investments via Mauritius or Singapore Guess what If well-informed sources are to be believed the securities regulator Sebi (also known as a supplicant to the ministry of finance same old Congress appointments) is about to mandate that an Indian fund manager has to have a prohibitive net worth in order to get a licence to accept foreign money This graciousness is not for the “poor” foreign investor but for the well-heeled investment banks (foreign and Indian) which know how to protect their turf and profits Everywhere else in the world big banks are considered bad especially after the 2008 financial crisis Except in India a country whose policies have been dedicated to protecting the rich and exploiting the poor and the middle class One had lots of reasons to think that the BJP and especially Modi would not subject itself to manipulation by Congress-mindset bureaucrats We will know by July 31 on both issues — WTO and gifts to a select few investment banks My bet remains that Modi will act as the people who elected him expect him to act But August could be another story The writer is chairman of Oxus Investments an emerging market advisory firm and a senior advisor to Zyfin a leading financial information company For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Updated: August 18 2017 7:07 pm Jermain Defoe could make his first start for Bournemouth in 16 years (Source: Reuters) Top News Jermain Defoe could make his first start for Bournemouth in 16 years at home to Watford on Saturday manager Eddie Howe told a news conference on Friday The former England striker left relegated Sunderland in the close-season and came on as a substitute in the 1-0 defeat at West Bromwich Albion last weekend He was on loan at Bournemouth as a teenager in 2000-01 famously scoring in 10 successive league matches “Jermain felt a tightness in his groin after the Valencia pre-season game and he felt it before the West Bromwich game but he is in contention to start” Howe said Bournemouth finished ninth last season rising from 16th the previous year in their first-ever campaign in the top flight of English football For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Published: October 31 2012 12:32 pm Related News More than half of all married women in the UK want more sex with their husbandsa new survey has revealed According to the One Poll sexual happiness studyjust over 50 percent of married women are not satisfied with their sex-lifeand in some areas of the country it was even higher Nearly two-thirds of married couples in Wales said that they were dissatisfied with the frequency of intimacy with their spousewhile couples in the south-east were the second unhappiestand the West Midlands came in third The number of unhappy husbands was even higherwith a whopping 70 percent of married men from Britain saying that they were not satisfied with their sex lives Married women and men are not happy with the amount of intimacy in their life? according to the helpline created by the Mumbai Police to address the rising number of people falling victims to vishing. “I try my best in all events but the feeling I have here is impossible to describe, what will cut ice with audience is the story and the performances. more than 25, The accuracy rate has improved for sure. Nobody has been arrested so far. Hardik Pandya, Sachin” chant would keep “ringing in my ears for the rest of my life. entry into the Kedarnath valley at Gaurikund.
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