first_imgSTOKE (4-2-3-1)BUTLAND, JOHNSON, SHAWCROSS, WOLLSCHEID, PIETERS,VAN GINKEL,WHELAN,SHAQIRI, AFELLAY, ARNAUTOVIC, BOJANARSENAL (4-2-3-1)GIROUD, CAMPBELL, OZIL, WALCOTT,FLAMINI, RAMSEY,MONREAL, MERTESACKER, KOSCIELNY, BELLERIN,CECHArsenal are still top of the Barclays Premier League after drawing 3-3 at Liverpool on Wednesday. They were leading late on but had their advantage at the top of the Premier League cut after Joe Allen’s late equaliser gave Liverpool a fortunate point.Olivier Giroud’s second-half strike – his second of the night and 18th of the season – looked to have put the Gunners on course for a crucial victory, but substitute Allen rewarded the hosts for a display bursting with energy and spirit with a low 90th-minute finish.Roberto Firmino twice gave Liverpool the lead in the first half, the second a spectacular 20-yard drive, but Arsenal took advantage of poor defending from J¸rgen Klopp’s side to level through Aaron Ramsey and Giroud.The Gunners, though, will be determined to win at the Britannia Stadium; not only are points needed in the race to become Premier League champions but their record at Stoke in the competition is poor.last_img read more

Tobacco Control Council finally launched

first_img2 years after legislationAlmost two years after Guyana passed legislation to regulate the sale and use of tobacco products, the Government has finally assembled a council which will be responsible for enforcing the law.Dr Shamdeo Persaud has been named Chairman of the 9-member council, and Attorney Cassandra Alves as the council’s Legal Officer. Other councillors are Mahadeo Ramjag from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Shailendra Rai from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS); Desiree Edghill, Executive Director of Artistes in Direct Support; Melissa Del-Richards, Assistant Director of Sports; Dr Mayon Amsterdam, Technical Officer at the Public Health Ministry; Dr Latoya Gooding from the Giving Hope Foundation; and Chronic Diseases Coordinator Dr Kavita Singh as the council’s secretary.The mission of the council has been influenced by the Public Health Ministry’s framework of the Health Vision 2020, which is a post-Millennium Development Goals agenda for Guyana through expanding universal health coverage and enabling health-enhancing behavioural and cultural changes in and through the delivery of improved health services.The council was established following the mandate of the Tobacco Control Act, which stipulates that a council be established with the important role of advising the Minister on matters related to tobacco control and the administration and enforcement of the Act.Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence has said the council would play a pivotal role in how the ministry addresses non-communicable diseases.“It is my strong belief that you (the council) are well positioned to do the things that are required of you, because you represent all sectors of our community and you can interface with our citizens in our community groups — of the entertainment sector, of social media, our religious organisations etc — to spread the message of how important it is of us kicking that habit of smoking,” Lawrence asserted.The council’s Legal Officer, Cassandra Alves, told the gathering that Guyana is the first country in the Caribbean to implement a Tobacco Control Council. She, however, outlined the hard road ahead, as several regulations need to be implemented and enforced.“In accordance with the regulations passed last year, the tobacco industry had to start complying with the rules on the 25th of February this year, and they have started. We still have some problems with compliance; some people have stretched out the image too much, some have opted to not put certain things, some have put things on the package that they were not supposed to put there.“The tobacco industry cannot even put on the package a health message that they have made up, but only those that are prescribed by the regulations,” Alves explained.The Tobacco Control Bill was passed in the National Assembly on July 27, 2017. At that time, Guyana had the third highest prevalence rate of smoking in the world. However, in 2018, Guyana received the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) World No Tobacco Day Award for the passage of the bill.The bill bans smoking at all indoor workplaces and certain outdoor places, such as in any waiting area or queue in a public place, including but not limited to any public transport stop, bus stand or bus park.The legislation will be enforced by the application of several penalties in the form of fines and prison sentences for ‘certain transgressions’. These range from a fine of $200,000 along with 6 months’ imprisonment for persons who breach the new regulations, to fines for business entities of up to $9 million dollars.Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence (sixth from right) along with the Tobacco Control Council memberslast_img read more

8 Ways To Leverage The “I Like To Watch” Ubertrend

first_imgmichael tchong What Nobody Teaches You About Getting Your Star… Were you surprised that the Boston Marathon bombers were caught on video? You shouldn’t have been. How about a meteor falling in Russia? Or a pizza delivery guy urinating on a customer’s door after receiving too small a tip? Then there’s that plane crashing on a Russian highway.All these phenomena are part of an ubertrend I call Voyeurgasm – and it’s changing our lives and maybe even your future.CBS dedicates part of its website, called Caught on Tape, to videos like these. It’s a nod to the global popularity of YouTube, which announced this March that it reached 1 billion monthly users who watch some 6 billion hours of video each month.The History Of VoyeurgasmVoyeurgasm, the “I like to watch” ubertrend, made its debut with the Rodney King beating in 1991, arguably one of the first surreptitiously videotaped events to make headlines. What came next was a host of candid moments caught by camcorders, surveillance cameras or mobile phones – a wave that virtually guarantees that one day just about everything will be digitally captured. How to Get Started in China and Have Success China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … This ubertrend spurred a host of subtends, including reality shows, like MTV’s The Real World, which debuted in 1992; Celebrity Worship Syndrome, coined in 2003 and propelled by “pixel paparazzis;” HDTV in 1998; helicopter police chases, including the infamous 1994 O.J. Simpson car chase; YouTube in 2005; and now Google Glass.(See also Google Glass: What Do You Want To Know About Google’s Internet Eyewear.)The current concerns about Google Glass and the privacy issues its surreptitious use entails are just a preview of things to come. Here’s how Voyeurgasm will reshape your future, including business ideas and career opportunities:1-3. Streaming MediaWith YouTube now receiving some 72 hours of video every minute, it’s evident that growth of mobile videos opens many opportunities for entrepreneurs to create dedicated sites to harness the millions of hours of videos that will be uploaded each minute by 2020. Here are a few ideas that merit your attention:1. Makeup Videos: A quick Google search suggests that this segment is wide open with Makeup Geek being the top player. Not only could beauty sites encourage the improved application of makeup, but they would also propel new makeup trends, like High Definition Makeup.2. Nature/Underwater Videos: Nature and underwater video searches lead to YouTube channels – but YouTube is a general-interest destination and is not likely to be the first choice of dedicated birdwatchers or snorkelers. This presents an opportunity to sell outdoors or underwater gear to intrepid visitors.3. Shopping Videos: We like to buy stuff, so we watch a lot of “unboxing” videos on YouTube. That means there is plenty of opportunity to create innovative shopping videos that provide visitors with quick, yet informative insights about buying particular products. Once again a search for “shopping videos” leads to positively benign results.4. Video RecruitmentIn the next four years, about 20 million college graduates will be looking for full-time employment. Since few possess relevant experience, a quick 90-second video might give a prospective employer a better insight into their talents. Monster accepts videos for recruiters, but few recruitment sites let you add video profiles. One new player, does play up this feature.5. Looking At CookingAs the Cox News Service reported back in Jan. 2007, “It’s one of the ironies of modern life that cooking shows and books are so hugely popular when much of the time we eat on the move or settle down in front of the TV with a microwaved frozen dinner. The preparing, cooking, tasting and eating of food have become voyeuristic pleasures separated from physical reality.” The trend is dubbed “gastroporn.” While this segment may be well-covered by television networks, what about facility and supply management? Think kitchen demonstration studios or food prep staffers who specialize in optimizing food for video consumption.6. YouTube Studio RentalsSo now you’re ready to shoot your gastroporn or job-seeking vid – but how do you make it great? Some folks have beautiful decks or nice living rooms but few have access to camera-friendly backdrops, let alone the lighting setups needed to shoot professional-looking videos. It’s odd that entrepreneurs haven’t thought of opening up a national chain of “YouTube Studios” – facilities you could rent by the hour to shoot your talkshow or other viral inspiration.7. Video AccessoriesYou have decided to become a pixel paparazzi- on a budget. So can you handhold your iPhone or Android handset to shoot your videos? Sure, but some kind of steady grip would be better. With the notable exception of UK-based Modahaus, which offers the iPhone Steady Stand ($20), few companies have staked out this product category. One Kickstarter project, the Paparazzo Light, failed – perhaps due to a lack of audience reach or functionality.8. Surveillance GearA market research report from ReportsNReports estimates that the market for smart surveillance gear and video analytics will explode from $14 billion in 2012 to $39 billion by 2020. A poll conducted after the Boston bombing found broad public support for surveillance gear, with 78% of Americans saying they thought surveillance cameras were a good idea. Frankly, I’m amazed that those Russian dashboard cams are not more popular here in America.Are you ready to leverage the increased transparency offered by Voyeurgasm? You know what they say, “There are people who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened.” This ubertrend offers the opportunity to do the first two at the same time so you don’t have to do the last one. See also:10 Compelling Ways People Plan To Use Google Glass5 Socially Unacceptable Things You’re Going To Do WIth Google GlassGoogle Glass: Our Lives Are Not Reality TVGoogle Glass: Is There Any Way To Jam It? Tags:#Google Glass#online video#social video#video#YouTube How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Related Posts last_img read more

Odisha villagers in panic after wolves kill sheep

first_imgThe killing of dozens of sheep possibly by a pack of wolves in Niali and adjacent areas of Odisha’s Cuttack district has triggered panic among villagers, who have been spending sleepless nights for over two weeks now.Despite the Forest department personnel attributing these deaths to attack by wild animals, villagers suspect that a ‘mysterious creature’ is behind the killings. The Cuttack Rural Police have asked villagers to form defence committees comprising volunteers and police personnel to check such attacks.The Animal Disease Research Institute, Odisha, has collected samples of sheep carcasses for study. In most of the carcasses, intestines had bulged out while the liver was not in place, indicating attacks by wild animals. Fisheries and Animal Resource Development Minister Damodar Rout said there were reports of 150 sheep being killed by wild animals. “Wolves are present near the Vanaragarh forest patch close to Niali. Sheep has no defence mechanism. Wolves are devouring its liver because it is soft,” said Prasanta Kumar Mishra, Divisional Forest Officer of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar city division.Two traps set“To dispel doubts, we have set up two traps. From the pug marks, we have identified the animals to be wolves,” said Mr. Mishra. The forest department is now considering installing cameras.“We have advised villagers to keep the sheep in well protected sheds. As the sheep are left in the open, it becomes easy for the wolves to attack them,” the City Division DFO said.last_img read more