Clover Systems Sunbook display viewable in direct sunlight

first_imgFor those who are blessed with sunnier climates the prospect of taking your laptop into your garden may be a tempting offer. After all, it’s better to be stuck outside than inside during a hot day (unless you prefer your air-con environment).The problem, however, is that a lot of laptops are just not suited to the outdoors, with their screens unable to combat the glare from the sun’s raise. There are a few exceptions to this, with companies like Panasonic offering sunlight readable notebooks (i.e. Toughbook 19), but those are expensive.In steps a cheaper alternative from the relatively unknown company Clover Systems. The Sunbook retails for $795 with optional 3G or 4G wireless Internet connectivity. Its screen uses LED backlit transflective technology which allows you to view the display in almost any light condition.Granted, the rest of its spec makes the price seem expensive, with only a 10.1 inch display (1024 x 600 res), a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU, and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM. But if you are still after a Windows 7 laptop (with 8-12 hours battery), which can also be viewed in direct sunlight, then it’s at least a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Panasonic (retails for over a $1,000).Read more at GeekWithLapop, via Clover Systemslast_img read more

Motorola Droid X 2 leaks a disappointing underspecced Froyo phone

first_imgWhen Motorola first unveiled the Droid X, it garnered a lot of attention because of the massive display. Larger displays on Android phones have since become rather standard, though. What, then, will Motorola do to differentiate the next iteration of the Droid X line?Not much, as it turns out from the latest leaks of what is purported (and certainly seems to be) the soon-to-be-announced Droid X 2. Leaked in a forum post over at the MobiZone, then quickly pulled, here’s the hardware we’re looking at in the Droid X 2.Inside the Droid X 2, you’ll find a rather standard NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz, as well as 1GB of RAM. The display is a QHD LCD affair running at a resolution of 960 x 540… somewhat lackluster in our post-Retina age, especially for the Droid X 2’s size.Also lackluster? The Droid X 2 won’t run Gingerbread. Instead, it’s locked down at Android 2.2 Froyo. You’ll have a hard time upgrading the device yourself, too, since it comes with a locked and encrypted bootloader, making jailbreaking all the more difficult.Otherwise, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera with no front camera, an FM radio and a 3G radio round-off the specs.Not terribly impressive, especially for a phone that is due to launch in Q2… and if Engadget is to be believed, the specs might be even worse than the leak reported: they claim that the Droid X 2 will only have a 1.2GHz single-core CPU, 768MB of RAM and 4.3-inch WVGA (854 x 480) display. Either way, pretty disappointing.Read more at Mobile Crunchlast_img read more

Star Wars The Old Republic will get a limited launch so preorder

first_imgUsually, when a new video game is launched the publisher and developer ensures that there are enough copies available to meet demand. With digital copies, that’s a simple task, but with physical copies it’s a best guess based on the popularity surrounding a specific title.With an MMO publishers need to take a different viewpoint. As each gamer needs to connect to a server to play, there needs to be the server capacity to match the number of copies being sold. Otherwise the game won’t be playable for everyone.EA and BioWare are fully aware of this issue in the build up to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic late this year. Demand for the game is going to be huge, but EA is going to disappoint a lot of gamers by limiting the number of copies available on launch day.Regardless of whether you buy a physical or digital copy, once the initial supply has gone, there may be days or even weeks before you will be able to buy the game again.By taking this stance EA can ensure the game’s servers can cope with demand. For example, one million copies made available at launch means server capacity for a million gamers will be in place. EA can then turn on more servers over the following weeks and add more players as copies of the game are made available again.EA isn’t sharing how many copies it will make available at launch, but has already decided on the total. What this means for those desperate to play the game is that you need to pre-order, and do it soon. The longer you leave it, the more chance there is you will have to wait for your copy to be shipped or become available for download.Although EA isn’t sharing launch copy totals, back in February CEO John Riccitiello stated that the game only required 500,000 subscribers to break even. Could that be EA’s initial total? To make available any less would mean operating the game at a loss from day one otherwise.Read more at GameInformer.comlast_img read more

iPhone 5 may not be getting that 4inch screen after all

first_imgWill the iPhone 5 rumors never end?The latest rumor actually debunks one that we were kind of excited about. It’s being reported that the iPhone 5 won’t have that larger display that we were all looking forward to. DigiTimes cites sources from “upstream panel suppliers,” that say the iPhone 5 will not sport the 4.2-inch screen previously rumored, but instead will stay either with the current 3.5-inch screen size or possibly inch its way up a bit to a 3.7-inch screen. The sources say that Apple will do a bit of an optical illusion with its design by going with a thinner bezel that will make the screen look larger than it actually is.The sources also said that the iPhone 5 would have a metal chasis, instead of the reinforced glass. We heard rumors of the next-gen iPhone having a metal back way back in April, but that’s also when we heard it would have a tapered design, which isn’t looking very likely anymore.As for the iPhone 5 rumors we do know, and have yet to be refuted, the phone will boast an 8-megapixel camera, full HD video recording, an A5 dual-core processor, and, of course, run iOS 5. On the other hand, there’s still talk that the next-gen iPhone will actually be only a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4 but will offer the A5 processor, as well as a few other minor improvements. This may or may not be called the iPhone 4S. But don’t get disheartened just yet; there’s also another rumor that Apple will release this iPhone 4S in conjunction with the iPhone 5, and will make the 4S a slightly cheaper version so it can offer more of a mid-range price option to people who don’t want to spend $300 on a phone.Unfortunately, according to DigiTimes, their sources say the new phone won’t be giving us a lot of improvements over the last version, so perhaps the next iPhone we see really will be the slight upgrade to the iPhone 4.Apple is rumored to announce the new phone at its iPod event which is speculated to be held on September 7 with a mid-October release. Until then, we won’t know for sure what size screen the next iPhone 5 will have. Alas, the wait continues.via DigiTimeslast_img read more

Diablo III offline play crack released in beta form

first_imgBlizzard decided the best way to protect Diablo III from piracy was to implement always-connected DRM through It has led to more than a few problems, thousands of angry gamers, and the threat of a few lawsuits.While all that has been playing out over the past few weeks, renowned Chinese hacking group Skidrow has been working away on a crack. The online DRM Diablo III uses, works by constantly checking to see if a user is connected while running the game. So Skidrow has developed a server emulator that makes the game think it is connected to when in fact the gamer is playing offline.The crack is still a work in progress, but it does work in so far as allowing the game to load and run, and a beta version has been released as a torrent. It also looks like it includes a LAN play option suggesting you can still play with friends. However, because the game effectively runs online it is apparently devoid of much content at the moment. And in order for that content to be added, Skidrow would have to steal it from Blizzard’s servers and add it to their emulated server.As Diablo III isn’t available in China yet, you can imagine how popular the crack is going to be even if it doesn’t do that much yet. With the issues gamers have been having around the world, it’s likely to spread very quickly.So popular are Blizzard games in China, legitimate news website in the region are reporting the crack as a positive development. These include Tencent and the People’s Daily, who even ask users to be patient with the bugs they find in the crack.For Blizzard, it will mean alarm bells ringing. Not having the game available to buy in China means thousands of gamers will revert to attempting to crack it. Even if it leads to nothing, it opens the way for viruses to start spreading as part of torrents claiming to be the offline crack, and it will confuse more than a few gamers eager to play the game at any cost.All Blizzard can do is try and figure out how to stop the server emulation from working and updating clients with a patch. Other than that it should make sure it has bullet proof security protecting the servers in case someone does try to steal the Diablo III gameplay content.More at Kotakulast_img read more

Tumis bulletproof briefcase is 9600 but your iPad will be very safe

first_imgIt can be rough when you’re just trying to go about your daily grind as an important business person and people keep shooting at you. It’s not even so much that you keep getting shot, but your precious papers and personal effects are getting riddled with bullets as they sit unprotected in a cheap leather briefcase. Well, Tumi is coming to your rescue with a slick, expensive bulletproof briefcaseThe Tegra-Lite is a stylish case designed to the highest manufacturing tolerances, and is not to be confused with Nvidia’s similarly named line of ARM chips. The Tegra-Lite is not some kind of metallic monstrosity, but is made of a heavy-duty polypropylene plastic — 65 layers of it. It even has a handy iPad sleeve built in.The Tegra-Lite is said to be in compliance with NIJ Standard 0108.01 Threat Level 1 for bullet resistant material. What does that mean? Well, According to the National Institute of Justice, the Tegra-Lite will be able to withstand a .22 or .38 caliber bullet impact square-on with no penetration of the projectile. A .357 or 9mm might be able to puncture one side of the case at the correct angle, but that’s still impressive.Tumi is careful to point out that this limited edition briefcase is not to be used as a personal shield of some sort — it’s just to protect items inside the case. But let’s be honest; you want to pull some James Bond shenanigans with this thing. Sadly, the Tegra-Lite will break the bank at £5,995, or a little over $9,600. It does come with free monogramming, though.Tumi, via Selectismlast_img read more

The Pirate Bay is now hosted anonymously in the cloud

first_imgEven with the entertainment industry laser-focused on it, lawsuits and fines being handed out, and police raids grabbing its servers, The Pirate Bay (TPB) continues to stay online serving its users. That’s due to a clever distributed infrastructure coupled with regular backups that mean even when the site does go offline, it’s never more than a few days before it returns.But TPB never wants to go offline and never wants to get raided again, so a big change has just occurred that means the service is now being run almost completely in the cloud.Instead of having lots of servers in secret locations, TPB has shifted to being hosted entirely in the cloud on virtual servers. That means there are no Pirate Bay-owned server farms that police can raid, and moving from one host to another is a simple task. It’s also a much cheaper way of hosting the service.But the really clever bit is the fact none of the several cloud hosting companies being used know they are hosting The Pirate Bay. That’s because TPB retains ownership of its load balancer and transit router, which are both located in different countries to each other. The load balancer communicates with the virtual servers at a cloud host using encryption, so the host can’t see what data is being transferred or who is requesting it. All they know is they have a customer paying their bill every month and keeping their servers humming.Ultimately what this means is, even if a cloud hosting company was found to be hosting TPB files, they can’t view the data, they don’t know any IP addresses, and any kind of raid on the data center would turn up encrypted data. And the cherry on the cake for TPB is if that perfect storm did happen they could re-deploy to another cloud hosting company very quickly.If that wasn’t enough security, TPB has also implemented a fail-safe in case either the transit router or load balancer is discovered and the authorities try and trace one from the other. If either goes down, the other automatically shuts down 8 hours later and requires an encrypted password to be restarted. Depending on how far apart the two are located, it’s unlikely you;d be able to trace and travel there within 8 hours.Read more at TorrentFreaklast_img read more

Namib Desert beetle inspires creation of selffilling water bottle

first_imgApparently, there is an insect in the deserts of southern Africa that manages to survive because it can turn the natural moisture in the air into a usable source of sustenance. This insect, known as the Namib Desert beetle, was so fascinating to Deckard Sorenon, a biochemist, that he devoted his time trying to figure out if this process could somehow be replicated for humans.The short answer is that yes, in fact it can. And now for the long answer. The beetle has hydrophilic (“water-loving”) molecules on its back. Because of this, it is able to extract and collect moisture from the air, which it then drinks to stay alive.So Sorenson used the same concept and laid out a surface that was coated with a hydrophilic layer, and over time it managed to get water to condense. That was the proof of concept. Now, Sorenson, who co-founded a company called NBD Nano, has big dreams about what this concept could become. For starters, he thinks there could be a self-filling water bottle. So, for example, athletes could run a marathon and wouldn’t have to worry about rationing their water.Because inanimate objects don’t have the inherent energy advantage that a creature like the Namib Desert beetle does, such a water bottle would need to have a power source, but Sorenson believes that solar cells and rechargeable batteries could do the trick.If successful, Sorenson thinks big, almost paradigm-shifting possibilities could be achieved — think of farms that don’t need to depend on rain, or third-world countries that will always have access to safe drinking water. Those lofty goals are just dreams at this point, but they could actually materialize if this technology is able to be scaled. For now, the first step is releasing the self-filling water bottle, which is slated for availability in 2014.via PRIlast_img read more

Windows 8 upgrade pricing goes way up after today

first_imgMicrosoft’s drastically reduced introductory pricing for Windows 8 is set to expire at the end of the day today. If you’ve been putting off purchasing a copy but are pretty sure you want one, now’s the time to do it.From launch day until now, Microsoft has been dangling Windows 8 upgrades at prices as low as $15 (for systems that shipped with Windows 7). It’s also been available in store for $69.99 and as a download for just $40 if you’re willing to go the pure digital route. All good things must come to and end, they say, and January 31 was the date specified by Microsoft last summer.Going forward, we’re going to see Windows 8 prices in the region of $199 for the Pro version in a retail box. OEM copies of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are much cheaper, at $99 and $139 respectively. Those prices haven’t actually changed — it’s only the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro that’s been selling at a discount.Not everyone has to start paying full price for Windows 8 starting tomorrow, though. Microsoft has already announced that students, faculty, and staff will be able to take advantage of a new program on February 1st. Those qualified will be able to purchase up to five copies of Windows 8 for $69.99 each. It’s not nearly as good a deal as the initial offerings, but it’s still better than paying full price.For most consumers, the price change won’t have an impact. Operating system upgrades aren’t usually a standalone purchase, they’re generally just a by-product of buying a new desktop or laptop. The fact that the Windows 8 upgrade discount expires today won’t have an effect on the price of new systems.More at Microsoftlast_img read more

Jeff Bezos ocean expedition recovers parts from the Apollo 11 engines

first_imgMany people aren’t really aware of what happens when we launch something into space. Engines are built to fire in stages, continuously propelling a craft into space. During this process, the parts from the previous stage of the engine are released and it either falls back down to Earth or drifts away into space depending on when in the process the release happens.During the twelve minute ride from the surface to the edge of space, the Saturn V rocket burned through multiple F-1 engines across several stages. The discarded parts of those engines returned to Earth and plummeted into the ocean, and for the longest time it was assumed they would never be seen again. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wanted to change that, and launched an expedition nearly a year ago to recover parts of the Saturn V from the sea bed.In March 2012, Bezos announced that deep ocean sonar had detected what they believed to be parts of the five F-1 engines from Apollo 11 some 14,000 feet down. His goal was to go down there, photograph what he could, and recover anything that had survived the 40+ year tomb these parts had been sent to.In his recent blog update, Bezos shares his experiences on the bottom of the ocean, and offers up a gallery of photos showing both recovered engine parts and images of Saturn V pieces that will take much more time to fully recover.At least as far as the core purpose of the mission goes, Bezos was successful. There’s still plenty to do down there, however, so it is highly unlikely that this is the last update we’ll see from the project.There’s been enough recovered so far to display two of the five F-1 engines that made up the launch engines of Saturn V. The plan now is to restore the engines and treat them to prevent further corrosion, after which time they will be placed on display. It’s unclear where exactly they will be on display, or how long the restoration will take, but that information will likely be made available once a proper exhibit for the engines has been created.In his post, Bezos explained that it was his goal to recover a piece of something that had inspired him as a young boy and put it on display to help inspire other. Mission accomplished, I’d say.last_img read more

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